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The Brave and the Bold: The Musical

This is horrible, hilarious and wonderful all at the same time.

Via @davywhatever

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Lardwatch #30 (Late, but lost weight)

I should do this more often. Do what? Report from the field of weight loss every two weeks – I only lost a pound this week and a pound last week (I know, el yawno) BUT! reported together, I can say I’ve lost two pounds! And that’s more exciting, isn’t it?

See you in a fortnight, weight loss fans!

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In the jungle with Kurtzman

Cover of 'Jungle Book' by Harvey Kurtzman

On Saturday morning my copy of Harvey Kurtzman’s Jungle Book (the original Ballantine first edition) arrived in the post – and if there’s a better way to start your weekend, I’d like to hear about it. I bought this from Mr Jeffrey A. Goodman of West Portal Books in sunny San Franscisco (via Abe Books) who has to be one of the few Americans to have heard of Norwich (an amazing feat as half of England havn’t heard of it) and who packaged the book so carefully and lovingly that I couldn’t have been more impressed unless he’d personally hand delivered it.

Kurtzman was one of the greatest comic artists and creators of the 20th Century. He is most famous for creating Mad, a magazine so ground breaking it not only spawned a host of imitators, but created a style of humour that influenced Saturday Night Live, Monty Python and Naked Gun. I have a very high Kurtzman fever at the moment, brought about by my purchase of Denis Kitchen’s and Paul Buhle’s excellent new book The Art of Harvey Kurtzman. This book covers the entire Kurtzman canon and includes never-before-seen art – it has also re-shot lots of the original art ensuring beautiful, crisp reproductions of Kurtzman’s work. And what work! It’s all here – from ‘Hey Look!’ to ‘Little Annie Fanny’ along with archive photo’s giving the reader a complete picture of Kurtzman himself, his times and his working practices.

I am, even now, saving my pennies to buy as much Kurtzman stuff as I can lay my hands on. Jungle Book was just the start – hoo-hah!! Ahem… mind you it is getting near Christmas and I will have to wait until the new year to add to my Kurtzman collection.

(PS. That last sentence was for my wife’s benefit).

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Fri-llustrator-day #29

Illustration by Brian Cronin.

After the last Baltimore-based Fri-llustrator-day, we stay in America for this week’s Fri-llustrator, Mr Brian Cronin. Advised by Milton Glaser in the eighties to leave Ireland and to seek his fortune elsewhere, Mr. C went to New York to try his luck. He picked up work almost immediately and has has never looked back.

Illustration by Brian Cronin.

I adore his work – looking at it I get the same feeling of emptiness and melancoly as I do when I look at a de Chirico (but that’s a good thing in my case) – there’s something other wordly about it somehow. When researching his background for this piece, I was surprised to discover that Ian Pollock was an influence. But when Mr. C left college in the eighties, there was a very healthy illustration scene, including the so-called ‘radical illustrators’ of the UK, which had Pollock as one of their number along with people like Robert Mason, Sue Coe, Robin Harris and George Snow.

Illustration by Brian Cronin.

Have a look at the Brian Cronin site to see more of his work – you may also be interested in the Fred Woodward interview with Brian Cronin over at the Society of Publication Designers site, too.

All images © 2009 Brian Cronin.

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Lardwatch #27 (quick, quick, oh!)

Fat Steve Kirkendall at desk working hard

This is going to be the fastest Lardwatch yet – I just wished it matched my metabolism ‘cos this week I’ve put that furshlugginer pound back on. Why? Too much work (sat on my large bum), too much food and not enough exercise.

More pound ping-pong next week…

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The end of the road

Steve Kirkendall hugging Mini Cooper, crying

This weekend I became a grown-up. I had to change my car to a five door model to cope with the ever-changing demands of my family. And so… and so… (sniff) it meant that my Mini had to go. NOOOOOOOOO-OH-OH-OH…. I felt like screaming at the top of my voice, but now I’m a grown-up I took the transition pretty well, as you can see in the picture above, where I am saying goodbye with all the dignity I could muster (ahem).

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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes in Lewes

I’ve sent this brilliant version of the old Bowie classic by Lewes New School around to all of my colleagues in the Virgin Money studio, but I wanted to share it with you too, dear reader. It’s available on iTunes on Monday, should you want to buy it.

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Lardwatch #26 (late! late! late!!)

Steve Kirkendall as McRonald's 'Lessapounder' burger

Apologies one and all for this unbelievably late lardwatch. OK, straight to the chase – I’ve lost another pound, Hooray!! However, this week has been a bit more calorific than I would have liked (I have been eating instead of blogging) so next weeks Lardwatch may not contain good news.

But at least I will try to post it on time!

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