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Lardwatch #19 (weight for it)

Steve Kirkendall as Henry the Eighth holding a bottle of 'Old Kirky's Feeling Peculiar'

Well, folks, I have to shame-facedly admit I have drunk and eaten about ten times my body weight last week. Looking in the mirror now, I see not my reflection, but Henry the Eight’s. Or in my case, Henry One-Over-The-Eight’s.

As you know, last week I was in London, where Ubiq were trying to get Actionscript 3.0 into my dense cranium. And they are famous for their fabulous lunches. And then there was the meeting of friends in the evening. And they are famous for their fabulous dinners with fabulous amounts of alcohol. And then there was the all day barbeque on Saturday around the Runeckles, where I drank 90% of Stella Artois’ output for this year. This was accompanied by the now traditional truckload of burgers. In the evening, we dribbled over to the first Little Melton Beer Festival, (a weekend of camping, music and frankly, drinking until your eyes evaporated) where we had a few snifters to round off the diet Hiroshima I had been creating all day.

And yet, (and apologies for making you wait so long) in a complete perversion of all of the natural laws of planet Earth, I havn’t gained any weight!! Mind you, I havn’t lost any either, but that’s beside the point. What next week’s weigh-in will bring, I can’t imagine.

By the way, The First Little Melton Beer Festival had a rather sophisticated identity and signage programme, which I reproduce for you here.

Signage from the first Little Melton Beer Festival

Nice, isn’t it?

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Comments (3)

Him said on Jul 27, 09:50 am:

Stella? You drink wife-beater?

Steve K said on Jul 27, 11:09 am:

The Runeckles had a warehouse full of it, left over from their birthday bash and it all needed drinking up. I was just helping out…

Jessica said on Jul 29, 12:06 pm:

You may think you haven’t put on any weight now, but if you check the scales in another week or two, you will be in for a very rude shock. It takes a while for the junk we eat to settle (unflatteringly) in various parts of our body. I say all this from personal experience.

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