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Lardwatch #18 (weigh-king up in London)

Steve Kirkendall as Pearly King

And now, live from London, it’s this weeks Lardwatch! (*audience cheers*)

And here’s the result of last weekend’s weigh-in. The result is… (roll on drums) …the result is… (where’s that bit of paper?) …ah yes, nothing has changed! (*audience sighs*). I’m still 11 stones, 11 pounds which, considering there’s been no discernable weight-watching and certainly no exercise, is pretty good.

So why am I in London? Well, I’m studying Actionscript 3.0 at Ubiq in East Dulwich. Ubiq are a fabulous training facility and famous for their delicious home-cooked lunches. This is the third time I’ve attended a course there and if the food is anything like the other two occasions, I’m in for a treat. How this will affect next weeks weigh-in remains to be seen…

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Rob said on Jul 24, 05:31 pm:

I think you’re getting far too willing to take a no-weight gain as being a good thing when it should be seen as the evil brother of losing weight. Or at least that’s what I tell Karen before getting slapped around the face!

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