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Sugar-High School Musical

High School Musical on stage

I forgot to mention that last weekend Team Kirkendall went along to the see the touring stage production of High School Musical at the Theatre Royal, Norwich. As we sat in the theatre, waiting for the show to start, I texted my boss (who went last Friday) “High School Musicaaarrgghh!!!!’” which gives you some idea of how much I was looking forward to it. Anyway, iPhone off and curtain up, the performance began. And after a while, much to my surprise, I found myself really enjoying it. Never having paid much attention while watching the movies (and watching them in disjointed scenes as my kids just watch their favourite bits over and over again) I never actually realised it was a bit Romeo and Juliet-esque. Two cliqués with opposing views, plus two star-crossed lovers with some cheesy songs and hey presto – Shakespeare for the Bebo generation.

As I said, I really enjoyed it – it isn’t easy dancing and singing at the same time, let alone keeping it up for a two hour show. Plus I was riding a sugar rush like you wouldn’t believe as someone (me) had bought a big bag of Skittles, which nobody else likes. Ironically, my kids, whose Christmas present this was (yes, we did have to book THAT early) weren’t so impressed. They felt that the actor playing Troy wasn’t right for the part, the actor playing Sharpay’s twin brother should’ve played Troy, Grabriella (the female lead) wasn’t right either and that a lot of the staging was bad. On the plus side, they did like their sweets.

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