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iWon on the radio

Cartoon of Steve Kirkendall dancing with his new iPod shuffle

Glossing over my unipressive weight-loss, I actually have had a great start to the week. Tom Hacksaw, a web geezer at Virgin Money, has his own online radio show called Selection Box over at ReachOnAir.com. I listened to both his shows this weekend and on the Sunday show, I sent in a request for Suede’s ‘Animal Nitrate’. Not only did I get to hear my name and request played on air, but I was the lucky winner of an new 4G iPod shuffle that Tom was offering to his listeners! How cool is that?

Listen to the Hacksaw’s show next weekend, when there may be more swag up for grabs!

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nad said on Jul 1, 01:42 pm:


Steve Kirkendall said on Jul 1, 10:46 pm:

iThank you, Mr. Nad!

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