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Lardwatch #15 (weigh will rock you)

Cartoon of naked Steve Kirkendall playing guitar. Arrow pointing to him saying 'Heavy Rocker'.

“Hey there, fit fans, welcome to Flab FM – here is today’s chart listing for the top fatties forty. Still at number 40, there’s no change for the Steve Kirkendall Gastric Band who’s still at 11 stones and 12 pounds…” CLICK – that’s enough of that. I still don’t get it. I cycled four times last week, had a few power walks lunchtime, eaten salads every day for lunch at work and I’ve only lost a few ounces. Crazy.

There’s more bad news. I didn’t cycle after Thursday, as I finally caught one of the many contagious diseases flying around the Virgin Money studio. So I havn’t felt that great over the weekend and as a result, some extra calories have been ingested (more summer fairs with their Burger and Guinness pushers on every corner). So depending what exercise I do this week (and more accurately what my body does with it) I’m not sure next week’s weigh-in will be that great. It is frustrating – I’ve never found it this hard to lose weight before, especially with the all exercise I’m taking.

Oh well, here’s to a better chart position on Flab FM next week, pop pickers…

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