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Fri-llustrator-day #21

Guardian Comment Section – Aid Illustration by Simon Pemberton

Today I’m featuring another favourite illustrator of mine, Simon Pemberton. Ex- of the Monster illustration collective and now with those lovely talented people at Heart, Mr P has been on my radar for quite a few years now. Falling into that category of illustrators I’d love to use but never have, his digital-meets-analogue style wowed me when I first saw it and continues to do so today.

Guardian Money Section – Bear vs Bull illustration by Simon Pemberton

Not only does he have a beautiful style, but he always has a great concept behind his work, which is why he is in such demand by editorial clients such as The Guardian and The Independent, to name but two.

Independent Review – Ghost Story illustration by Simon Pemberton

Simon Pemberton’s website is a luvverly Flash-powered display of his work; go visit to see more.

All images © 2009 Simon Pemberton.

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