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Lardwatch #14 (yes weigh, baby)

Good news, anti-flab fans! The cycling hath prevail-ed and mine frame hath diminished by not one, but two pounds! Yea verily, there was celebration in Castle Kirkendall over the weekend! Speaking of which, I had a very laid back time this weekend because I did no chores and I didn’t even go out on my bike. And as yesterday was Fathers Day, that meant a massive breakfast and a big dinner at the Queens Head, Hethersett. However, I am planning to cycle every day this week to minimise the damage (he said quickly).

Speaking of Fathers Day, my son Joe drew a spontaneous Fathers Day card (he’d already bought me one) between waking up at six am and getting up at seven am. I loved it so much, I’ve cannablised it and reproduced it here to illustrate this week’s Lardwatch. I feel ashamed – my friends are always telling me to start a comic strip online and when I do, it’s not even my work (*blush*). Anyway, here’s Joe’s strip – enjoy!

PS. This isn’t really Lardwatch #14, it’s the number before that, that we don’t mention (just in case your thought my maths had deteriorated further).

The man who tried to lose weight (well, on a swimming pool) wrote by Joe Kirkendall, Illustrated by Joe Kirkendall
In a swimming pool, there was a man called Steve!
A lady walks in the swimming pool and sees him! "Can I play with your rubber ring?" "That's my stomach you’re talking about!"
Happy Fathers Day! Love from Joe

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