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Fri-llustrator-day #20

Rama Hughes self portrait

Blimey, is it Friday again already? On this glorious sunny summer morning here in Englandshire, it cheers my soul even further to introduce you to this weeks Fri-llustrator, the wonderfully talented Rama Hughes. I discovered Mr. H when reading one of those web design compilation books (Web Design Index by Content .03) last year and his site design (page 162) just leapt out at me. On checking it out for real I was really stoked (as the kids say) to see well crafted drawings, created by someone who is as nutty about comics as I am. And he’s nutty about drawing too – he is a teacher as well as a working illustrator and even his nearest and dearest have started having that faraway look in their eyes when he kicks off again for another enthusiastic monologue about drawing and art.

Portrait of Jean-Michel Basquiat by Rama Hughes

Again, I am really spoilt for choice as to which illustrations to show you and I hope you are sufficiently inspired by these drawings to visit the Rama Hughes site to see more. Tip: Give yourself plenty of time, there’s a lot to see and it’s all wonderful. Oh, and by the way, it seems that one of his pet projects is a thing called Illustration Friday * com, (I didn’t nick their title, honest) a weekly challenge to illustrators to illustrate a topic set by the site in whatever creative, fun way they choose. Maybe I should give it a go myself one week…

Girl reading comics by Rama Hughes

All images © 2002-2009 Rama Hughes.

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