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Lardwatch #12 (steady as weigh go)

Well, even though I didn’t eat too naughtily last week, I wasn’t able to cycle as much as I wanted to either and as a result, I have lost no weight and am still in the 12 stone holding bay. It doesn’t help that by day I am mild-mannered Mr. Dad, but I am also known as SUPER-TAXI-DRIVER-FOR-MY-KIDS-MAN. And when I am wearing my tights and flying along behind of the wheel of my Mini, ferrying my offspring hither and thither, the cycling don’t get done and that fat don’t go.

And to be fair, my daughters birthday party (last Tuesday) wasn’t going to make the pages of ‘Weight Watchers Magazine’ any time soon anyway. Even though I would prefer to spare you the grisly details, Mrs. K papped (bapped?) me unlocking my jaw, snake-like, to devour this double-stacked burger and demanded that I illustrate this week’s ‘Lardwatch’ with it (instead of the usual cartoon) as it might show you, gentle reader, (in her words) “What a great big fat greedy pig you are”.

Steve Kirkendall eating a double stacked burger at Zak’s Waterside Bar and Grill

By the way, it’s our wedding anniversary today, and it’s loving phrases like that, that keep the fire burning (with me barbequing a rack of ribs on top of it).

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Lord Andrew of Goulding said on Dec 25, 10:19 pm:

For some reason my eyes keep moving towards the sesame seeds. Weird!

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