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Fri-llustrator-day #17

Black Convoy vs. Computer Arts by Adrian Johnson

Today I’m showcasing Mr Adrian Johnson, he of the beautiful Robinsons ads that ran a couple of years ago. He has a beautiful retro style that all us fans of things like Cartoon Modern adore. And along with his great eye for composition and colour, there’s always a great concept driving the finished piece. That for me is very important (gets on high horse) as there is too much decorative ‘groovy’ illustration around, that looks pleasant but says nothing (dismounts high horse).

Image for the 'Insiders, Outsiders, and The Middle' show at Scion Installation L.A, by Adrian Johnson.

As I’m probably the last blogger in the world to talk about his work, I’ve picked two of my favourite pieces here and not the more well known work that illustrates his obvious love for all things graphically ‘fifties and ‘sixties. To see that work and more (including those Robinsons ads), visit the beautiful Adrian Johnson website (luvverly logo at top left, Mr. J) and marvel at his terrific gear.

From top: ‘Black Convoy vs. Computer Arts’ drawn for Computer Arts; Image for the ‘Insiders, Outsiders, and The Middle’ show at Scion Installation L.A.

All images © 2009 Adrian Johnson.

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