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Trainer of thought

Steve Kirkendall's new trainers from the Office shoe store

I love impulse buying – when you have to buy something sensible like new trousers for work, but you come home with a really cool jacket instead. It’s great isn’t it? It happened to me on the weekend when I was helping Mrs. K look for some new trainers and and I ended up buying these sexy beasts pictured above. Mrs. K said “They’re very nice, but don’t you think they’re a bit too young for you?”. Still stinging from the other weekend when my family talked me out of buying a really cool eboy-designed Adidas bag, I replied “No”. Mrs. K said “OK, then” (translated: “Well, I think you look a silly old goat, but it’s your money…”)

Two hours later and my daughter Eve returns home after spending the day out with her best friend. The best friend’s Mum, who has brought her back, takes one look at my trainers and exclaims “Oh my god, that’s the pair of trainers that my son is after”. Her son is 12. Mrs. K shoots me one of those “I told you so” looks that register 11 out of 10 on the irritating spouse scale, while the mum, Eve’s best friend, Eve and Mrs. K laugh so hard, they generate a gentle breeze that fans the flames of my now red face.

Anyway, here’s the bag it came in, (I know this identity has been around for ages but I still really love it) I’m going to wear it on my head when I wear these trainers, so no-one can laugh at me anymore (stifles sob).

Carrier bag from Office shoes

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