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Lardwatch #9 (weigh-ting for change)

Steve Kirkendall looking at watch that says "You are fat boy"

Last week my calorie intake met my exercise regime, played football and after a tough game, finished with a goaless draw (calorie and exercise teams never have penalty shoot-outs). This tortured metaphor is trying to tell you that I’m no nearer to becoming a super-fit stick insect ’cos I’m the same weight as I was last week. Curse these village May Fairs and their seductive beer tents!

Still, next week might be good as I’ve really been going for it on the cycling front, cycling three times to work, then going out not once, but twice, this Bank Holiday weekend. And first time I went out, I shaved three minutes off last weeks time and the day after, I knocked a minute off that. Hooray! So hopefully next week, I’ll have some better news for you.

Mmm, do you suppose my scales would accept a bung?

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