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Lardwatch #7 (weigh-ting for a burger)

Steve Kirkendall as Wimpy from Popeye eating a burger

Bad news again. Even though I cycled three times last week and had the odd power walk, I’ve gained a pound. I just can’t work it out – I mean, OK, I did have a bacon cheddar roll at the Colney Hall car boot sale a week ago and afterwards we had a celebratory meal at Zak’s Waterside Bar and Grill and OK, two beers may have found their way into my possession. Yes, there was sausage and chips at work on Tuesday and, to be fair, the four pints of Fosters at last Saturday’s Hethersett Junior School May Fair may have worked against me. So may have the two hamburgers I had with the beer. But it is hard to watch your weight, when you’re watching other things (like the queue for the burger stall).

This week I shall avoid temptation (although it is Little Melton’s May Fair this coming Saturday and they usually have a wicked barbeque) and hopefully have some good news next Monday.

Is it lunchtime yet?

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