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Fri-llustrator-day 11

Analogue vs. Digital Stockbroking illustration by Andy Martin

Yesterday I received some lovely promotional posters from Heart and it got me thinking about another favourite illustrator of mine, Andy Martin. Why’s that, I hear you ask? Well, years ago, I commissioned Andy to illustrate the cover of a magazine I was working on and just after he delivered the artwork, he invited me along to the newly-formed Heart launch party.

Millenium Calendar by illustration by Andy Martin

Andy Martin was among the first illustrators like John Hersey and J Otto Seibold to wholeheartedly (no pun intended) embrace the Mac and begin working digitally. He has since branched out into film making and one of his films, End of The Street, was nominated for an British Animation Award. Also in Andy Martin‘s Film section, check out the brilliant 3G ringtone movies produced for the Japanese mobile network, DMOVE.

And he has to have the coolest signature of any illustrator I can think of.

Illustrator Andy Martin’s signature

All images © 2009 Andy Martin.

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