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Fri-llustrator-day – Ten!

Super Santa by John Martz

There was no Fri-llustrator-day last week folks, ’cos I was away for Easter. Anyways, it’s back and this week I’m featuring one of my favourite illustrators.

John Martz is a Toronto-based cartoonist/illustrator and is also the editor of one of my favourtite blogs, Drawn! which is a must-see if you have any interest whatsoever in illustration or cartoons (see link in ‘Groovy Gals And Geezers’ on right).

Ill Communication by John Martz (sketch and final illustration)

His own work ticks all the right boxes – fab drawings (check), fab colours (check), fab lettering (check) and fab website (check). His site features not only his finished pieces, but sketches, warm-up drawings and free fonts – there’s even a online store should you want to treat yourself.

'Grampire' warm-up sketch by John Martz

Check out the wonderful world of John Martz at robotjohnny.com. Lovely stuff!

Images © 2009 John Martz.

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