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Do Cineastes dream of Electric Sheep?

I first heard about Electric Sheep (the deviant view of cinema) via magculture and I remember thinking how cool it looked. We received a copy at the Virgin Money Studio thanks to Stack and I’ve just had a good read of it and I have to say, I enjoyed it thoroughly. It’s got great art direction by Emerald Mosely, who I think was, or still is, a Flash designer who worked alongside great web pioneers like Mike Slocombe of Urban75 fame.

Two panels from comic strip review of 'The Watchmen' from Electric Sheep magazine

In the latest issue (spring 09), Electric Sheep reviews The Watchmen with an absolutely superb comic strip by underground star Mark Stafford. Not only is it an astute review, it is also a great illustration of the versatility of the comics medium. It’s also a mark of how sophisticated and creative Electric Sheep is. Great work all round!

Oh, and Heidi, if you’re wondering where this issue is, I’ve taken it home. I’ll bring it back soon, promise!

Image © 2009 Electric Sheep/Mark Stafford.

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