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Fri-llustrator-day – Nine!

Reiser cartoon of a goat at a police station

This week’s entry is a bit of a cheat as he isn’t really an illustrator, he’s a cartoonist, but I’m including him, because I ab-so-flipping-lutely love his drawings.

Jean-Marc Reiser was a controversial French cartoonist who drew with a fluid, straight-from-the-brain line that made his work as spontaneous and funny as a off-the-cuff wisecrack. And, believe it or not, if I could draw like anyone, it would be like him.

I can’t show you much of his work, ‘cos it’s a bit rude and it won’t seem funny if you can’t read French. (I’m not being elitist, I can’t read it either - thank gawd for Babel Fish, eh?)

Sadly, he died of bone cancer the same year as Barney Bubbles. And as with Mr. B, it would’ve been interesting to see what he would’ve been doing today.

Read the Jean-Marc Reiser biography at the Lambiek.net site to learn more.

Image © 1985-2009 Reiser/Éditions Albin Michel.

Oh, and the cartoon above translates as “Goat violated by three hooligans” and the policemen says “You provoked them”.

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