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Fri-llustrator-day – The Eighth

Destination MoMA website illustration by Brian Biggs

Today’s fab image-maker is the truly wonderful Mr. Brian Biggs. I always try to keep blog posts down to three paragraphs, but I could ramble on and on about how much I love Mr. B’s illustrations. It’s all there – aliens, robots, cars and kids all wrapped up with terrific drawing, great hand lettering and a truly fantastic colour pallette.

Why not treat yourself to a lovely Fri-llustrator-day feast and visit welcome to MrBiggs.com and put a weekend-long smile on your face.

UPDATE: Mr. Biggs gave me permission to show more of his work, so here’s a small selection of the many illustrations I could show you. But, hey, why not visit his site and have a good look yourself!

'Spaghetti Brain' illustration by Brian Biggs

'Birthday Man' comic strip by Brian Biggs

'Race Car' collage by Brian Biggs

Images © 2005-2009 Brian Biggs.

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