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The ultimate online portfolio

In the same way you can’t eat a Rowntree’s Fruit Pastille without chewing it, I challenge any web designer to look at this site and not to p** themselves laughing.

And the source code is even funnier.

Via Twitter thanks to @mezzoblue.

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Comments (4)

Philty said on Mar 25, 10:28 am:

he one mad mother futon

Laird Whitnell said on Mar 25, 10:43 am:

OMG what an ace start to the day – cheers Steve you motherfuton, that guy may just be madder than Kris!!

Steve K said on Mar 25, 11:10 am:

And that would take some doing ;-)) !

MrTommo said on Mar 26, 12:23 am:

He also does Twitter backgrounds.

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