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Fri-llustrator-day – Seven!

Mr Lunch takes a taxi ride

Last weeks post on John Hersey reminded me of another pioneering digital illustrator, J. Otto Siebold. Along with his partner, Vivian Walsh, he created a series of wonderful children’s books which I started collecting as soon as I saw them. Each book boasts in the colophon that “The illustrations in this book were created on an Apple Macintosh computer using Adobe Illustrator software” which was as much a statement of intent as it was a fact.

It’s hard to explain now when we’re all used to seeing incredible digital work, just how much these books looked like they came from another planet when I first saw them in the mid-nineties – not only were they created digitally, but his work was so creative, original and completely free from the digital clichés of the day.

And he’s still going strong. See more Seibold at jottodotcom. All images © 1993-2009 J. Otto Siebold.

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