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I watched the Watchmen

Sad Watchman face

I saw the Watchmen last Friday evening. And after a 20 year wait, I must say I was disappointed. Why? Well, ironically enough for a movie based on a graphic novel that moves around in time, it is exactly time that you need to tell this story properly. Terry Gilliam suggested filming it in five one-hour long segments and I think he was right. And it would have been interesting to see it made like a Peter Jackson Lord-of-the-Rings-trilogy-type-jobby.

Don’t get me wrong – the film looked great, the acting was fine and I loved many of the set pieces (including the depiction of Rorschach) BUT because they had a lot of story to get in, a lot of the action and reaction seemed too hasty and superficial and not the justified actions of people trying to right wrongs. And of course the ending wasn’t quite like it was in the book because the film didn’t fit it the necessary sub-plot to explain it. So, in my humble (but entirely correct) opinion, Watchmen never really successfully jumped the 2D to 3D gap like other recent superhero films have (the best examples of this being The Dark Knight and the first couple of X-men movies) to create something that would satisfy a non-comics reader.

My verdict? In the style of Rorschach, I give it two (broken) thumbs up.

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