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Chairman of the (pin) Board

Steve K’s pin board

Ever since Art School, I’ve always had a pin board full of bits and pieces to inspire me at work, whether freelancing at home or working as an employee. Sometimes, depending on the situation, this hasn’t even been a proper board, just a few scraps blu-tacked to the wall.

My present pin board (pictured above) is in my home studio/study and is a hangover from my last freelancing-from-home stint prior to joining the Studio at Virgin Money. I’ve tried to keep it as tidy as possible – I used to have a bad habit of pinning new bits over the old bits, so after a few months it just looked like a vertical Tracey Emin installation, threating to bring the wall down on top of me.

Joe K’s pin board

When we recently redecorated my son Joe’s bedroom, I decided to keep the tradition going and put a pin board up in front of his new desk, to inspire him when he’s drawing (and to console him when he’s doing his homework). His board is neater than mine, but it’s only been up a week. I’m looking forward to see what he pins up.

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