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Fri-llustrator-day – Five!

'This Is Fun' illustration by Chris Long for CWC-i Show NYC

Today’s illustrator is Mr Chris Long, creator of beautiful images like the one above. I’ve actually commissioned Chris for a major Virgin Money project I’m working on at the moment and it’s a real thrill for me, as I am a longtime fan.

I say longtime, because before his style transformed into the beautiful elegant thing it is today, he used to draw some strips before he became a ‘proper’ illustrator, (see how I’ve sneakily brought comics into this?) drawing for the sadly missed Escape Magazine and also the NME among others.

To see more work visit the Chris Long Studio site.

Below: Panel from ‘Wideboys!’, Escape Magazine, issue 3, 1983. All images © 2009 Chris Long.

Panel from 'Wideboys' by Chris Long

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