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Fri-llustrator-day – Four!

Batman Year 100 by Paul Pope

Today’s illustrator is the unspeakably talented Paul Pope. Writer, illustrator and according to a female comic fan I know, a very handsome devil. Creator of THB, 100% and Heavy Liquid, he’s influenced by some of my favourite comic artists like Toth, Kirby, Torres, Pratt and I believe, Milton Caniff.

I only discovered him in 2006 (I know, late again) and have collected his stuff ever since. He’d got a monograph out now and that’s well worth a look. And of course you should get the collected Batman Year 100 his sci-fi take on on the Dark fella for DC (see pic above).

Keep your eyes peeled for his two upcoming books ‘Battling Boy’ (also being developed as a movie) and ‘La Chica Bionica’.

Read Paul Pope’s blog here. Image © 2006-2009 DC Comics.

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