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Fri-llustrator-day – The Third

Portrait of Hal Drake by Seth

Today’s illustrator is the Canadian cartoonist Seth. I discovered his work on a cultural visit to Amsterdam with the Virgin Money Studio a couple of years ago. In between the galleries, museums and bars, Me, Rob and Davy spent a magical 3 hours in Lambiek, Europe’s oldest (best?) comic shop. And there on a book display in the middle of the floor was ‘Wimbledon Green, The Greatest Comic Book Collector In The World’.

I snapped it up at once. A lovely hard-backed book, it contains some beautiful retro brush-rendered drawings (I started inking with a brush and believe me, it’s a real craft). The drawings illustrate fabulously designed characters, taking you along a story that is as charming as it is hilarious. Seth is probably most famous for his ‘Palooka-Ville’ stories, but Wimbledon Green remains my favourite.

Above: Detail from a portrait of Hal Drake on page nine of ‘Wimbledon Green’ © 2005-2009 Seth.

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