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Fri-llustrator-day – part one

Illustration by Jochen Schievink

Even though it’s bad form and really lazy to repeat content from another site, I feel I have to be lazy and follow bad form to mention this fab illustrator I saw on It’s Nice That.

Jochen Schievink has everything – fab drawings, fab colours, fab lettering. The last point being crucial as his work is almost all about hand lettered typography as it is about the drawings, which are beautiful, clean and icon-like (as the above excerpt from his 2008 1st Prize entry for the Fumetto Comix Festival proves). He has a designers eye for colour and composition like so and it wouldn’t surprise me if he was also a designer on the quiet. Or even on the loud. See more of Jochen Schievink’s great illustrations here.

Oh, and the title of this post is ’cos I thought it might be nice to start a fun Friday thing featuring an illustrator that I really like – I’m going to call it Fri-llustrator-day until I’m embarrassed into making up a better name for a it. Good weekend, y’all.

All images © 2009 Jochen Schievink.

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