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To boldly go...

Spock and Kirk from 'Star Trek' Comics published by Gold Key

Part of my haul of comics goodies this weekend included two volumes of the collected reprints of the ‘STAR TREK’ comics published by Gold Key. Published a year after the original series started (but ending in 1979, the year the first movie was released) it features the adventures of the original, classic crew of Kirk, Spock, McCoy et al.

I used to have a Gold Key ‘STAR TREK’ comics annual that I found on a dump and I brought it home because I loved the drawings – although unfortunately, I had to throw it out after a while as it made my bedroom stink. I was always sad that I had to let it go, so when I saw these volumes I just couldn’t resist. Illustrated by Nevio Zaccara and Alberto Giolitti and written by a variety of writers (including Len Wein) these comics went to parts of the galaxy more boldly and far-flung than the series ever did. Re-reading them over the weekend, I was again enchanted by the illustrations and also had a few laughs at the slightly incorrect details. For example, characters’ jerseys were often the wrong colour (even changing from the cover to the inside), the ranking on sleeves was never quite drawn properly and landing parties carried rucksacks and water bottles like 20th century soldiers – see pic below – even phasers were in holsters instead on being stuck on the hip!

Panel from 'Star Trek' Comics published by Gold Key

Another interesting thing I noticed was that they were borrowing designs from ’2001: A Space Odyssey’ for things such as space stations, like so:-

USS Enteprise from 'Star Trek' Comics published by Gold Key

However, if you ever come across these comics, collected or otherwise, I recommend you buy them.

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