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I ran the City of Norwich Half Marathon 2013

Steve Kirkendall's City of Norwich Half Marathon 2013 medal, t-shirt and race number.

Yes, I did. And nine, count ‘em, NINE minutes faster than last year, a new PB.

Trumpet blowing aside, it was helped in no small part by running with Virgin Money colleague Jem Walters and his sister (on her first half marathon). They helped me keep a good pace which worked well until halfway through mile 11 when I suffered a power cut. Jem and his sister disappeared into the distance as I staggered around the last few bends and that ****ing hill that leads back to the finish line on the Norfolk showground. I did receive more encouragement at this point, as people could see the light fading from my eyes and someone even kindly read me my last rites as I clung onto a bin after scraping over the finish line. Luckily for me, Team K appeared with my Goo-Goo Cluster from Dylan’s Candy Bar which restored life back to my wheezing frame.

Goo Goo Cluster from Dylan's Candy Bar

I should mention my Virgin Money Studio colleagues who ran this too – Rob (The Fastest Man in Virgin Money™) who came eleventh(!) place out of a field of 2,166 and Andy Bobbin, who forged a half marathon PB of one hour 32 minutes.

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