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#teachtheweb: the mooc ends, the fun begins

Mozilla Webmaker Mentor badge

The nine-week Mozilla #teachtheweb mooc I’ve been on finished last week and I can now celebrate achieving my Mozilla Webmaker Mentor status (and with a cool badge to prove it too, above). As ever, I’ve been slow delivering my last two makes (projects) as the past two weeks have been really crazy at home/work, (I know, excuses, excuses) but they look like this…

For week eight’s Make It Real we were asked to invite people we care about to explore the web with us. This is something I’d kind of done for week seven, as I’d playtested my Webmaker class ideas with my family. So instead, I will be making my first contribution to the global 2013 Maker Party that runs from June 15 to September 15, by volunteering to #teachtheweb at the Kent International Jamboree 2013 summer camp with fellow Webmaker Mentor Dorine Flies.

Week nine’s make #teachtheweb #4life asked for a portfolio of makes and posts to apply for the Webmaker Mentor badge. As I have already earned mine, I have instead joined the Making Learning Connected (#clmooc) to learn more about Connected Learning. I will remain active in the Mozilla Webmakers G+ community, where I’ll keep contributing and sharing my #teachtheweb activities. I have a Webmaker session planned in September with my son’s scout troop and my next step is to approach local libraries to see if they might be interested in allowing me to run Webmaker sessions on their premises.

My #teachtheweb #4life starts here…

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