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Make Things Do Stuff

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Last week, I came across a story on the Mozilla Webmakers G+ community posted by Chris Lawrence detailing Kat Brybrooke and Dorine Flies experience of running a Webmaker station at the Make Things Do Stuff launch. After reading Kat’s great post, I scooted over to the Make Things Do Stuff website and promptly had my mind blown.

Make Things Do Stuff is part of the growing global movement of organisations like Mozilla Webmakers, who want to inspire young people to move from being web consumers to web creators. They want to make young people’s desire to learn to code a reality and, in their words, to “mobilise the next generation of digital makers”. They’ve partnered not only with Mozilla, Nesta and Nominet Trust, but other influential digital educators and enablers such as Codecademy, O’Reilly and Facebook (they have the blessing of Chancellor George Osbourne too, as evidenced by his attendance at the Make Things Do Stuff launch). These partners share the Make Things Do Stuff values of understanding digital technologies, learning through making and working in a open and collaborative way. They believe these skills should be spread across all sections of life, not just for web or budding web developers, but teachers, doctors, lawyers, civil servants, journalists, filmmakers, musicians and artists – only a society that can talk to technology can help to create an amazing future for everyone.

Their website is full of really clever, simple learning resources of their own as well as other great resources donated by Mozilla, Codecademy, Decoded, Udemy and Code School. As a graphic designer and part time front end developer, I was smitten not only by this plethora of great content, but also their fun, colourful graphics with their cheeky CSS animations.

Make Things Do Stuff are after more organisations and individuals to mentor and advocate their mission – interested? Why not say hello and get involved.

Illustration of people from Make Things Do Stuff website

PS. I did and not because one of their characters looked a bit like me (above, second right).

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