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#teachtheweb, week four: Turning kids into coders


Last week I had to leave my fellow Moz-keteers behind and swashbuckle alone to ponder on the theme of add the web to anything. Hacking a Thimble template created by the Mozilla Webmaker team I made this page listing the learning goals and web literacy skills I’d like to teach. I did find it a bit daunting collecting my thoughts and listing the ways I might teach young people to create for the web – especially when there are so many other, more experienced voices on this #teachtheweb mooc who have articulated their goals far more comprehensively than myself (such as Margaret Powers’ brilliant Helping Others Hack Learning (and Coding). However, #teachtheweb has a really supportive G+ community and I’ve already had plenty of great feedback and support from community members, including Margaret Powers herself.

On a separate note, I was also flattered to see that not only were two my ‘makes’ featured on this weeks Webmaker blog, but that my Webmaker introduction was featured on this week’s Teach The Web page. Wow!

It’s really inspiring how the world is now waking up to educating the web makers of the future and #teachtheweb is a great movement to be involved with – if you’re interested, just visit the #teachtheweb get started page.

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