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#teachtheweb, week three: The Three Moz-keteers

As part of this week’s theme of the open web, I had to create a make with other budding Mozilla mentors on the #teachtheweb MOOC (Mozilla/Massive Open Online Course) to communicate what the open web meant to me. I ‘reached out’ for collaborators and wondered if anyone was crazy enough to work with me. Well, crazy or not, the request was met by Pekka Ollikainen of Finland and Karen Young from Canada. We three Moz-keteers planned on making an animation to illustrate our thoughts on the open web. We discussed what it meant to be open and how openness, collaboration and iteration have contributed to the snowballing success of the web. Karen had some other thoughts on the open web which you can read here.

After getting together on Wednesday, we set ourselves a deadline of the weekend to put forward ideas. Pekka contributed an animated gif about the perils of a closed web and how an open web is better; Karen sent over colour sketches illustrating how unexpected collaboration creates new ideas, and how sharing spreads this further and I made a typographic idea illustrating that the web has many faces, is constantly evolving and that it is open for everyone. Ideally, we wanted to put something together in Popcorn Maker, but we were running out of time to post something for Tuesday’s deadline, so we amalgamated all of our thoughts as they nicely dovetailed and I put together a little animated gif which you can see here (we are going to look at re-making this in Popcorn Maker and adding sound). It was really great collaborating in this way with people I’d only just met, working across three different timezones. Thank you, Karen and Pekka!

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