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Eve ran the Race for Life

Eve Kirkendall running Race For Life 2013 in Norwich

This weekend, the Norfolk Showground turned pink again as over 7,000 ladies of all ages (and their dogs) turned up to raise money for Cancer Research UK’s fight against cancer. I’m proud to say that one of their number was my daughter Eve, who’s been training hard these past ten weeks to get herself ready to run the 10k race, the furthest she’s ever run.

I Race For Life for Grandma, 1943-2013.

Eve was running for her Grandma (my mother-in-law Pat) who died suddenly of a brain tumour last summer. As you’d imagine, it was a very emotional day. Mrs K and I both found ourselves a bit tearful turning up and seeing the word cancer everywhere. It was sobering knowing that everyone who was running had had their lives touched by cancer. However, it was a great atmosphere, helped by the presence of Heart Radio, who hosted warm up sessions and sing-a-longs to get everyone pumped up. Eve did really well, finishing the course in one hour and ten minutes (her time didn’t matter, but now I’m a runner, I get a bit obsessed with race times) and raised £951 for Cancer Research UK. Once across the line we all hugged and cried, a sight common at Race for Life and one you can be quite cynical about until you’re involved raising money for a loved one.

Eve Kirkendall with her Race For Life 2013 medal.

Other highlights included the aforementioned dogs effortlessly running with their owners, the Army cadets at the finish line dancing to Mambo Number Five in unison like something out of a West End musical and the fact that Eve and her boyfriend Bobby, both got photographed for the Heart Radio Race for Life 2013 web page.

Evie, we are all so proud of you – Grandma would have been too.

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