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#teachtheweb – week two

Phew! I only just managed to hand in week two’s Teach the Web project, the day before this week’s began. As I mentioned in my last post, we were asked to take a fellow budding Mozilla Mentor’s Make (project) from week one and remix it. I chose Matt Jukes’ 5pointz Popcorn Maker movie and remixed it with a new sound track (Unorthodox by Joey Bada$$). I really enjoyed playing with Popcorn Maker, it’s an ingenious, simple time-line based editing tool built in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Over the weekend, I spent a couple of hours playing with it, and added some animated type to the beginning of Alfred Dunhill’s interview with John Hurt. You can see what I did here – I only animated his first sentence before my study time ran out, but I was really impressed with Popcorn Maker’s tools that allowed me to do this. As well as editing the timeline and adding your own media (video, music, pictures) it also allows you to add pop-up text, Google Maps, Twitter feeds and Wikipedia pages. Why not have a play yourself?

This week’s #teachtheweb theme is the open web – we have to create a Make about why being open is important to us and collaborate with a fellow Mozilla Mentor. So, if you’ll excuse me me, I have to go make myself presentable and find myself a fellow Mentor crazy enough to work with me…

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