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#teachtheweb – week one

Steve Kirkendall's #teachtheweb week one project, a remix of Apple UK's home page.

For the first week of Mozilla’s Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Teach the Web, we fledgling Mozilla Mentors were asked to create an introduction to our fellow Mentors using one of Mozilla’s online web mash-up tools. Participants could choose to create in either Popcorn Maker, Thimble or X-Ray Goggles. I chose to remix Apple UK‘s home page with X-Ray Goggles (see above), which was great fun and garnered a few positive comments from the Mozilla Webmakers G+ community which was nice. You can see the real thing here.

The theme for this week was Making as Learning – Mozilla believe making and learning is a social activity, so we’re exploring how group activity shapes the creative process. This is based on the Connected Learning model – networks of organisations and individuals using technology to share knowledge and learning – a brilliant exploitation of social media if ever there was one. Read more about Connected Learning here.

Next week, Connected Learning in Practice – watch this space!

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