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London Marathon training week sixteen = here comes the fright

My marathon training came to an end this week, with only 12 miles run, split into three early morning shifts. Now I can concentrate on the next stage, which is blind panic, shaking and praying, before standing on the start line on Sunday morning. After 16 weeks of running in the worst Winter since the London Marathon began 21 years ago, I’ve pushed my body to places it didn’t want to visit. The last 12 months have been a truly awful time of bereavement and misery and I feel proud of myself to have come this far since I began running last May, raising money to help combat the diseases that have blighted my family’s life.

My latest sponsors this week include Willem (very kind, sir!), Betty, George, Jenni and John Kemp, Rich, Doreen, Clive, Carol, Rob, Lynn, Beckiee and Nikki who have helped raise my running total to £2,289.21, which with Gift Aid totals £2,835.02, taking me comfortably over my target figure of £2,600. Hooray!! And if you’d like to join in, all you have to do is visit my Virgin Money Giving fund raising page and press that Donate Now button. Thanks!

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