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London Marathon training week fifteen = taper back? Right sir!

Not many miles to report this week folks, as I’ve started my two weeks of tapering before the big day. After all the bashing my body has taken in Winter’s wearisome weather, I thought I’d be happy taking things easy, but it’s proved to be a real anti-climax. And even though I’ve run under sunnier skies this week, there was the cloud of my Uncle Brian’s funeral on Tuesday. Luckily, the forecast rain held off, and Brian had a sunny send off from his many friends and colleagues.

I’m sure you are as happy as I am to see the sun again, but I’m worried about how hot it might be on Marathon day. I can spend an hour vacuuming and look like I’ve just cycled up the Alps on a fixie, so the idea of running for five hours under a blazing sun makes me anxious. My plan is to hide under my hat and hopefully the water stations will be able to keep me going. My nerves have already begun their climb to panic stations after seeing the trailer for the London Marathon coverage on BBC One. Seeing it on the telly like that and realising that this year, you’re not a spectator, does strange things to your mind and body that I shan’t go into.

As ever, thanks to my lovely sponsors this week who raised my fundraising efforts for Cancer Research UK and Asthma UK to £1,673.21 (£2,065.02 with Gift Aid) taking me ever nearer my target figure of £2,600. Take a bow Lee, Duncan, Madge, Lesley, the Lockwoods, Dave, Esther and Viv. If you want to donate, but haven’t got around to it yet, fear not! It’s ever so easy – just visit my Virgin Money Giving fund raising page and press the Donate Now button.

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