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London Marathon training week fourteen = the might at the end of the funnel

This week, I have mostly been eating every mother-lovin’ carb I can lay my hands on, force fed through an industrial-sized funnel of Desperate Dan proportions. Result? Three early morning seven milers were hit out of the park on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with today’s cherry on the cake being a fantastic 13 miler run in my shorts(!) in the sun (whatever that is). And what a beautiful run it was too – the first two miles run with my daughter (who’s running the 10k Race for Life in Norwich on 18 May) before swerving off on my own for the rest.

Running under a duck egg blue sky, marbled with hazy clouds and scored with the trails of holiday planes, I felt energised, breathing in the Spring air that finally smelt of the promise of Summer (it actually smelt of the chemical factory three miles downwind, but I’m trying to paint a picture here) and of a happy place where grey skies are banned. During my run I met another runner called Mark, who like me, was in his early fifties, was also running the London Marathon and was also raising money for Cancer. We ran a few miles together until our routes diverged and it was so enjoyable it really made me reconsider my ideas about not having a running partner. When I was nearly home, I ran past an old friend from our village who wished me luck for the Marathon, although it was difficult to thank her as my mouth was full of Jelly Babies.

My fundraising is still going well, getting ever closer to my target of £2,600 (£100 per mile) with my running total now £1,504.81 (£1,854.52 with Gift Aid). For this I have to thank Craig, Mark, Cara and Sue, Sam and Maddie and of course, my daughter and Mrs K who cooked up another feast of diet-busting goodies for me to sell at work. Those goodies raised £50, which, added to last week’s cake sale, meant a grand total of £115. Caketastic! And don’t forget, it’s never too late to donate – just visit my Virgin Money Giving fund raising page and press that Donate Now button. Cancer Research UK, Asthma UK and myself, will be eternally grateful.

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