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London Marathon training week thirteen = yucky for some

After the great runs of last week, the peak of which was my smoother-than-expected-20-miler, I suppose I did feel somewhat like Superman. So it was only fitting that this week, on trying to leap a building in a single bound, I snagged my pride on my stupidity and messed up this week’s repeat 20 mile run.

I was so busy with work, dad stuff and other family commitments, I completely forgot I’m a runner. I can’t think why – I had, after all, made three runs at 6.30 in the a.m. totalling 20 miles during the week – yet it had escaped me to keep digesting the necessary food and water required for such a routine. And that’s why, to my horror, I began to lose energy at mile nine of this week’s 20 miler. Even with my energy gels, I still didn’t have the oomph I had compared to the previous week. At mile ten, I bumped into an old colleague from Virgin Money. I stopped briefly to chat to her, resisting the temptation to ask her to call for an ambulance. Then, using the last of my energy to form a smile and say farewell, I staggered on, gradually getting slower and slower, even contemplating calling Mrs K to come and fetch me when I reached mile 15. Reminding myself that this is exactly what could happen on the Marathon itself, I knew I had to keep running. So, I ran to new self-imposed milestones ahead again and again, until I only had two miles to go, then told myself it would be silly to stop now. The last two miles were terrible – the small amount of sun that had made me a sweaty wreck disappeared under a blanket of cloud, which promptly turned into a snow flurry, transforming my head into a coconut covered dessert. I arrived back at Castle Kirkendall, freezing, dehydrated and limp of leg, looking more like a broken Batman than the Man of Steel. Mrs K became Alfred, covering me in two blankets (one of which was the dog’s) and Number One Son’s duvet. I lay beneath this impromptu life support system, shivering like an expectant volcano, wondering what to do first – vomit, cry or drink my chocolate milk. I now know that I can run a long distance while feeling/looking like a zombie, but I have no intention of making that mistake again.

Eve and Booby's cakes and biscuits, made for my Virgin London Marathon fundraising Easter cake sale.

Ironically, the day before that calorie depleting experience, I had an Easter Cake Sale at Virgin Money. My daughter Eve and her chef boyfriend Bobby, spent all day making cakes and shortbread biscuits which were so popular that I raised much money. As it was such a success and only two people had to go to A&E, I’m going to do it again this Friday and hopefully, will raise even more money for Cancer Research UK and Asthma UK. My sponsorship running total now stands at £1,444.81 (£1,792.02 with Gift Aid), thanks to my latest sponsors, Terry & Lyne, The Blacks, The Sorrells, Helen Filby, Adrian, Marc, Ben and Loz. Don’t forget, it’s never too late to donate – just visit my Virgin Money Giving fund raising page and hit that Donate Now button!

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