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London Marathon training week twelve = 20 miles of grey

Another week of good running, folks. No mean feat (no pun intended) as this was the week with the biggest milestone so far, my first twenty mile run. After dispatching two grey sky six a.m. seven milers on Tuesday and Wednesday, Friday found me standing nervously outside my house, armed to the teeth with running gels, wondering if I was going to be able to complete a 20 mile run without disappearing into a cloud of steam.

Unfortunately, I had a disastrous start as I had to return home after a mile to pick up my forgotten running watch that I use to time my gel consumption. Turning the corner into the drive I noticed that the gale force wind I had just become acquainted with had blown over our recycling bin and decorated our Close with two weeks worth of cereal packets, newspapers and toilet rolls. So as the recycling lorry pulled up behind me, my lycra clad self had to run around and pick up all of the debris and pop it back in the bin before handing over to our bemused environmental operatives. “You don’t need to run now, you’ve had your exercise, hur hur” quipped the green bin man. Resisting the temptation to say “Thank you for your input, Oscar Wilde, but I have another 19 miles yet”, I just smiled wanly, and set off again into the wind under the ever present grey sky. The wind was against me for greater distances than it was for last week’s 18 miler, but luckily, it was behind me for the last four miles (or the zombie straight as I like to call it). And apart from flagging a bit near the Cathedral, I felt OK. And I didn’t feel like death warmed up when I finally got home, even managing to stretch properly instead of sitting down at the kitchen table, wheezing wildly. I never thought in my wildest dreams I’d ever run that distance and I feel more confident about running the marathon although I’m under no illusions what hard work it will be.

My sponsorship running total now stands at £1,011.31 (£1,261.64 with Gift Aid). Thanks to my latest sponsors, Dale, Jo, Mark, Karen and Jon, Jonny and Darragh (my Belfast-based Path buddies), Rob (the fastest man in Virgin Money), Rachel, Chris and the Blacklocks. If you are thinkng of donating this week on my Virgin Money Giving fund raising page please do so this Friday. Virgin Money Giving aim to make Good Friday great, by doubling any donation made that day via Paypal. It’s first come first served, so you’ll need to be quick!

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