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London Marathon training week ten = another empty chair

Last week was a tough week, both mentally and physically. It was the week that my Uncle Brian finally succumbed to leukaemia. He told me he had been diagnosed with it last summer (a double whammy then as we were already coping with my Mother-in-law Pat’s terminal illness) and two weeks ago he rang and said that his Doctor had given him just weeks to live. My last visit with him a few days later was a good one, he was in good spirits and incredibly matter of fact about his condition. It was hard to believe at that moment he was dying. He lost consciousness last Wednesday afternoon and died peacefully later that evening. So now I have another reason to run for Cancer Research UK.

As for my training this week, it went well as my swollen ankle didn’t hurt to run on and I dealt with any further swelling with ice and Nurofen. The swelling had disappeared by last weekend, so I was able to make my big run of 16 miles on Saturday (switched from Sunday because of Mother’s Day). I still felt tired at the end, and my toes really hurt, but I didn’t feel as washed out as I did on my 15 miler a couple of weeks ago. I put this down to not running the day before and also seeing Mrs K while running across the ring road at mile ten which really lifted my spirits. And they needed lifting after running for three hours in the relentless rain.

On Mothers Day I ran with my daughter on her two mile training run as she’s running this years Race For Life in Norwich for her Grandma Pat. We’re really proud of her for doing this and I want to help her in any way I can. More news next week.

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