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London Marathon training week nine = the moan from ankle

Steve Kirkendall's swollen feet

After a big 12 mile Sunday run, my training nose-dived last week due to injury. And, in keeping with my reputation as the World’s Clumsiest Man™, I actually managed to injure my self while walking. Yep, that’s right, just walking. It happened Monday lunchtime on my way to Sainsburys to buy more running gels and energy bars (so I can still claim it was running related). Five minutes into my journey, my right ankle just gave way and my foot folded underneath me. It hurt – oh, how it hurt – but as I was being watched by a gang of builders, I proved to them how butch I am by just grimacing and hobbling on, before walking around the corner and sobbing uncontrollably. I carried on the rest of the day as normal, but in the morning discovered that my right ankle had swollen to Jabba the Hutt-like proportions (see photo above). I couldn’t move it very well, but luckily, I wasn’t in pain. And I certainly didn’t want to run on it either, as I wanted to recover as fast as possible.

Luckily for me, the army of runners at Virgin Money gave me plenty of advice on how to get road worthy again, ranging from “Keep your ankle raised higher than your heart”, “Put plenty of ice on it” and “It will be alright, don’t be such a poof”. So using the newly learned RICE technique (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) and support socks bought by Mrs K (who called me a poof) I managed to reduce the swelling. After resting it all week, yesterday I went out for a really strong five and a half mile run, each mile being faster than the last. Now next week will be a return to my normal training schedule and all I have to do is not walk to Sainsburys.

PS. My sponsorship went through the roof this week, thanks to a little Facebook campaign I’ve started. This week, my Virgin Money Giving fund raising page went from a running total of £56.20 to a whopping £769.30! Many thanks to all the lovely, generous people who’ve donated so far. And remember if you haven’t already donated, it’s not too late!

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