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London Marathon training week five = sweat, smell, success

Last week’s training was another week of progress. After a typically un-enjoyable run on Tuesday (my Tuesday runs are like that for some reason), my six mile run into work on Thursday was much better as the snow had disappeared which improved conditions and meant I didn’t have to run in the traffic. And like last Thursday, I ran with a rucksack on my back to show the world how tough I am, but it just gave everyone another chance to see how much a man can sweat – The Human Fountain, anyone? Saturday’s five and a half miler had me wheezing up the hills, but on the home stretch I realised I was running a lot stronger than usual and could have gone on for longer, a nice surprise. And Sunday’s dreaded ten miler (9.88 if you’re being picky or Nike+) was likewise much stronger although a bit painful coming back – weather-wise it was better than last week as it stayed dry and the wind wasn’t as strong.

All of the above has restored my confidence – I know I’m hardly the best runner in the world, but my lack of injuries and my stronger performance on the weekend has started to convince me that I might just be able to run this flippin’ marathon.

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