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Happy New Year (and I'm sorry)

Happy New Year, everyone!

Here at Team K, we’re hoping for a better year than last – 2012 began, sadly, with my Grandmother-in-law’s funeral and was capped by the sudden loss of my lovely Mother-in-law, Pat, six months later. I made no mention of these events at the time, either here or on Facebook/Twitter/Path etc, as posting about it seemed to trivialise them and I wanted to keep the details private. A combination of taking more analogue time and being supportive to my family during our rubbish 2012 meant no blogging either.

As you also know, I’m running the Virgin London Marathon this year and my fundraising page over at Virgin Money Giving links to this blog. And frankly, I’m embarrassed by it. It needs an update, both technically, in terms of code and how it works with the plethora of new devices popping up every day and aesthetically, as the design and typography needs a good clip round the ear and two years in the Army.

So, my apology starts here. The planned grooviness for this site begins this month. However, it will be organic, not fully formed in my laboratory before being unleashed onto an unsuspecting world. It will resemble, at times, someone caught in a department store dressing room, in various states of undress. And before I can stroke it into typographic nirvana, your visits here may leave you unsettled and possibly close to tears. But fear not, gentle reader, for I will be working as fast as my middle-aged, time-poor existence allows to bring you the blog of my dreams.

Nurse, the screens!

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