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The feet goes on

Following the Larking and Gowen City of Norwich half marathon, I took a ‘polite’ break from running. Since then, I’ve completed two five mile runs in (unbelievably) my fastest pace ever. The first with an average pace of 9.17 minutes per mile and the second with an average pace of 9.07 minutes per mile. I’m really pleased about this as my fastest pace before was 9.28 minutes per mile.

I had been running slower deliberately for a while as I kept getting injured and I thought running a gentler pace (around 10 minutes per mile) would not aggravate my legs and help me to complete my half marathon training. And apart from my penultimate training run, it worked. This was also the reason I kept at that pace on the half marathon itself, as my ambition was to get around the whole course without stopping or walking and an injury mid-run would have put the kibosh on that.

I’m fully aware that I’m not turning into Mo Farah, but it’s great to see another example of how running has made me fitter and stronger. Here’s to my next weekend run!

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