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Gosh! It’s Sam Hiti!!

Cover of Death Day by Samuel Hiti

Last weekend Team K went to London for a weekend break. And the first thing Number One Son and I did was to make a beeline for our favourite comic shops, starting with Gosh!. I didn’t buy much, but everything I did get was killer gear. First I picked up The Sinners, the latest in the series of Criminal books by two of my fave comic creators, Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. I also picked up the fourth edition of E C Segar’s Popeye by Fantagraphics Books. But by far the most exciting thing I got was Death Day by the fabulous Samuel Hiti.

Battle scene from Death Day by Samuel Hiti

I bought Death Day Prologue back in March this year on another Team K London outing and after reading the first three episodes online at Sam Hiti’s website I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a print version. So when I entered Gosh! and saw the beautifully slipcased wraparound cover version on the shelf I seized it immediately. Death Day concerns the war effort of soldiers fighting the mysterious Black Orb and the hideous six-limbed monsters that defend it (there’s more to it than that, but I don’t want to spoil it for you, dear reader). Hiti takes his time telling the story using many silent panels and a multi-perspective narrative to establish this terrifying world and in doing so completely draws the reader into his tale. I am crazy about his illustrations – raw, inky and spontaneous – as I am his fantastic designs for the soldiers, their technology and the horrifying world on which they find themselves. And check out Death Day behind the Scenes for more Hiti goodness.

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