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Reasons to be cheerful

Barney Bubbles original artwork, taken at PROCESS

Last week I met my comics purchasing partner in crime, Mr Mark Wild, at the Barney Bubbles PROCESS show at Chelsea Space. Featuring Bubbles’ artwork, sketchbooks and related epherema, it examines the working practices of this long lost genius. I will never have enough space, anywhere, to fully explain my genuine love and admiration for his work. As well as being a brilliant thinker, Barney Bubbles was also a master craftsman, creating designs for reproduction without the visual feedback afforded by a computer. I wonder what a lot of younger designers think on seeing his original artwork, created as it was using Rotring technical pens with PMT’s (Photo Mechanical Transfers) pasted onto artboard with colour overlays in black (no matter what the colour specified) and little notes all over it with instructions to the printers. How strange it all must seem to these digital designers of today!

The show is curated by Paul Gorman, author of the Bubbles monograph, Reasons To Be Cheerful (which has since been revised and expanded) and it runs until October 23. For more Bubbles info, check out Reasons To Be Cheerful online and the blog of Bubbles’ old friend and ex-colleague, David Wills.

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