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Cleaning up for Mandela Day

Virgin Money studio clean up Lakenham Way, Norwich. L-R: Archie Clifford, Steve Kirkendall, Matt Bullock, Paul Bennett, Richard Skelton, Kris Tryggvason, Jason Fisher, Lauren Heffernan and Joy Taylor.

Nelson Mandela was 92 last Sunday and sharing his birthday was Sir Richard Branson, head of the Virgin Group and owner of Virgin Money, who turned 60 the same day. Virgin Unite, our organisation’s charity arm, has done a lot of community work in Africa and they thought it would be a good idea to celebrate the 67 years of service that Nelson Mandela had given to his community, by encouraging Virgin employees to spend 67 minutes of their time doing something for their community. Archie Clifford, head of the studio at Virgin Money, decided that cleaning up Lakenham Way pathway (the old rail line that runs past Virgin Money back into Norwich) would be a great way to spend our 67 minutes.

So, on Monday Lunchtime, armed with litter grabbers, black plastic bags and a Sainsburys’ trolley (one of the first things we found as we began our clean up operation) we worked our way down the path, picking up paper, cans, garden chairs, bits of furniture and even a duvet. Archie had arranged for the Eastern Evening News to come along, hoping we might get some coverage to publicise our work and we were lucky enough to make the following day’s edition of the Eastern Evening News. Unfortunately, they ruined it somewhat by using a picture of me, but hey, nothing’s perfect. So, in order to readdress this, here’s a picture of the whole team (except for Sallie, who took the picture) with our treasure trove of trash.

Left to right: Archie, Me, Matt, Big Paul, Rich, Kris, Jase, Lol and Joy.

UPDATE: We’ve now made the Virgin Unite site.

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