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Bubbles and Squeek

Imperial Pompadours sleeve by Barney Bubbles

After Ace Jet 170 mentioned the upcoming Barney Bubbles book he later mentioned a post about Bubbles on the John Coulthart site.

One of the many people to leave a comment there was a David Wills (aka Squeek), who was Barney Bubbles’ great mate back in the day. He has his own blog about his early days with Mr. B. I started to read it last night – it’s a facinating read for any fan of Barney Bubbles’ life and work – read it here.

Above: Barney Bubbles’ sleeve for The Imperial Pompadours, image courtesy of John Coulthart. He also sent me this link about the album itself which sounds like a bit of a bonkers affair.

Below: A Bubbles-designed tour badge for Elvis Costello’s “Punch the Clock” tour. Note the mixed type-size along the top – a lovely, funny touch. Oh, and it’s gone yellow ’cos I got it in 1983.

Barney Bubbles badge for Elvis Costello’s 'Punch the Clock' tour 1983

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John Coulthart said on Dec 6, 06:52 pm:

What a great badge! I love the attention to detail he applied to even small things like this. The best I can offer is a motley collection of Hawkwind badges.

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